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**Please note that the studio is not currently accepting any new portrait clients.**


do you sell gift certificates?

  • Jessie is happy to offer gift certificates under the following conditions: the person receiving the certificate is a current J.Passon client (they have had a session within 24 months or a new client that has an upcoming session already booked) OR the person purchasing/giving the certificate will be part of the decision making process for the purchase (a husband giving it to his wife).


where does the session take place?

  • Jessie is a location photographer which means that the session can take place anywhere. Jessie's goal is to capture relationships and candid moments. For this reason she often photographs in settings where there are minimal distractions, such as open fields or rural settings. Contact the studio for more info on your session location.


what can we expect at the session? what if my child is too shy, too energetic or won't listen?

  • The session is essentially a playdate. Jessie will give general direction that is appropriate for the age of your children and be taking pictures all along as she plays with them. With over 7 years of experience operating her portrait business as well as her years as an early preschool teacher and a bachelor's degree in Human Development, Jessie has quite a bit of experience and knowledge when it comes to children. One of her goals at the session is to create beautiful art while capturing who your children really are: inquisitive baby, shy toddler, wild preschooler, etc., and she knows just how to do that. You can rest assured that the session will be fun and Jessie will successfully capture your child!


what time should we schedule the session for?

  • Most of Jessie's sessions take place in the early evening (or late afternoon during the fall), and this is when she prefers to photograph. The light is gorgeous that time of day and alots for for a perfectly lit session with "sweet light" that takes place a couple of hours before sunset. That time of day/evening can be very tough on babies and toddlers so take that into account. If you have a toddler and know that he/she is best in the early morning then a morning session is definitely suggested. Jessie has photographed sessions as early at 7:30/8am! Feel free to discuss any questions about the session time with Jessie when you schedule the session.


what do we wear? what should we bring?

  • Upon booking your session you will receive access to a client section of the studio blog with detailed information on what to wear, what not to wear/bring and suggestions for how to best prepare for the session. In addition you will receive a client welcome packet in the mail with even more information!  Prior to the session Jessie will work with you via phone or email to make sure that every detail is covered and you feel prepared.


do you photograph families?

  • While traditional "sit and smile" family pictures are not Jessie's style and not her forte, capturing the family together very much is. Look through the galleries to get a glimpse at the close connections Jessie likes to capture. Due to the nature and style of her sessions, Jessie limits family sessions to immediate family members only: mom, dad, and children.


do you have a studio?

  • While she does have a studio office and natural light studio space for photographing newborns and babies in her home, all other sessions are photographed on location. Clients are more than welcome to visit Jessie's office by appointment to view products samples, receive assistance with placing an order and to pick up an order.   


how do I schedule a session?

  • To schedule a session simply contact the studio via the contact page, email or phone with your desired session date, type of session and ages of children. Once your session date is confirmed a retainer is required to secure the session. That is all there is to it!
  • Due to the fact that the studio books a very limited number of sessions each month, it is strongly suggested that you book your session at least 6-8 weeks ahead of time during the very busy summer and fall months.


what if it rains, my child is sick or my schedule changes?

  • Life is busy and sometimes it just gets busier. If you find that you need to reschedule your session Jessie asks that you please contact the studio 48 hours in advance and your session will happily be rescheduled. If there is threat of rain, thunderstorms or other negative weather that will impact the session, Jessie will contact you a day or two ahead of time with a backup plan.


why is there a minimum investment and how much should I plan to invest?

  • Each client is expected to place a minimum investment of $400 for weekday and Saturday sessions. Sunday sessions have a minimum order of $650. Though, a typical J.Passon client usually invests between $800-$1,500. Jessie values quality over quantity and prefers to work with a limited number of clients each month. By doing this she is able to offer fully "customized" customer service, tailoring the experience for each individual client. Jessie works hand in hand with the client from the moment the session is booked until the art is hanging on their wall at home. The extensive amount of time she invests into each client, her craft and her business constitutes a limited client base.


when will my final gallery be ready?

  • While you are anxious to see your session images (and rightly so!), quality takes time. Each image in your gallery is professionally and artisticaly edited to create a final work of art. Your final gallery will be ready approximately 14 days following your session. Please do note that certain times of year are busier than others and gallery processing may take longer. Once your gallery is ready you will be contacted to set up your online ordering gallery.  


can I purchase digital finals from my session?

  • A copy of the final digitail files along with a printing release are available for purchase in addition to a collection or as a full set. Individual files are not sold. Ownership and copyright of files remains with photographer.


what music is playing on the website?

  • The beautiful music on the website is used with permission and provided by composer Josh Hummel © 2011. To hear more of Josh's music please visit his website HERE.


what equipment does Jessie use?

  • Currently Jessie uses a Nikon D700 and a variety of prime lenses in addition to good ol' natural light (no flashes, strobes or studio lights).