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sweet notes

"Thank you, Jessie! The photos are beautiful, and we are going to have a great time continuing to look through them as we choose which ones to order!" T.H. February 2013

"Thanks Jessie! It's awesome! I know it took a lot of our time, but I'm so thrilled we got G and N together. I can't wait til D gets home and sees them. When I've had a chance to check the birth announcements, I'll let you know." K.H. February 2013

"Aww! Thank you so much, Jessie. :) You're so sweet, talented,and accommodating. All of our friends LOVE your work!...So sweet, Jessie! I love the music that goes along with the slideshow. Can't wait to go over it with Jeff later!!! The images got me all teary-eyed- I am assuming it's hormones related too! So in love with the images of the sisters- we bribed E- haa! You captured great family shots too- amazing! We're going to have a hard time choosing! Thanks! We get to choose and shop this weekend for photos! :)" N.M. January 2013

"Our canvas is up in our bedroom and I absolutely adore waking up to my boys every morning. It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for capturing that pure moment between my boys – you truly are gifted." J.A. November 2012

"Jess, beautiful like always can always count on u to capture some beautiful memories!!!!! I already picked the ones I like to give away etc etc etc... Going to look again later w/ the hubby & I will let u know by tomorrow night or Monday. :-)))))))))))))" C.L. October 2012

"Jess, Dear Lord this is hard! I feel like I have figured things out and then I watch the video again and a new picture evokes emotions... sheesh I feel like a crazy person! This has been so fun to just stare at all the beautiful photos... each one has a special place in my heart! Love them!" T.J. July 2012

"LOVE THEM!!!! I always have such a hard time picking my favorites! I think we are going to want to do a Larger than Life canvas. Thank you again for great photos!" L.M. August 2012

"Oh wow! I love them. Now I am so afraid that I won't be able to decide which one's to buy!" J.D. July 2012

"Jessie-I finally sat down to watch the slideshow...Jessie- I do not know what to say because there are no words that match my awe of those images. The ordering process is going to take some careful consideration and will require your guidance. I am just chuckling away here in sheer delight." J.G. September 2011

"I wanted to say thanks so much for these pictures, they truly brought tears to my eyes!! U rock!!" S.S. September 2011

Hi Jessie, I received my pictures yesterday - I just wanted to tell you again how impressed I am by them - you did such an amazing job. I really thought your packaging was 5 star and such a nice touch - it makes everything seem that much more special! Thank you again!!" G.C. September 2011

"I, for once, am at a total loss for words........those pictures are amazing. They actually 'move' me, which sounds crazy for me because I'm not really that kind of person! I can't thank you enough. Really, what else can I say! Looking at those, I can't believe that's my girl with the love of her life, Tolad, her horse! Unbelievable!" B.G. June 2011

"I am in love with the sneak peak! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job capturing such precious moments in my baby's life! I will treasure these photos forever. It's funny, when the shoot is happening you have no idea how awesome the pictures turn out. Can not wait to see the gallery!" L.C. June 2011

"OMG – I am in love!!! I don’t know how I’ll ever decide! Each and every one is beautiful – you are so talented!! I’ll be in touch early next week to discuss birth announcements, etc. - thank you so much! I’ll be glued to my computer all weekend just looking at the pictures :-)" J.P. June 2011

"Wow, Jessie! These are wonderful. I can't wait to see the rest of them when we get back from France! It's a pleasure to be a part of your art. :-)" T.H. June 2011

"These are amazing!! Wow!! Thank you so much we can't wait to see the rest and order a bunch to have in our home! Also thank you for the parting gift..that was such a nice touch and very much needed chocolate fix! We will be sending our newborn retainer next week and will hope that we can work everything out with your travel plans! Sooo excited about these pictures!!!!" K.O. May 2011

"Hi! I've been meaning to get in touch with you all week! We received the prints and they are AMAZING!! So beautiful and we 've received so many compliments on the book." J.R. December 2010

"How in the world am I going to choose??? They are all so good! So excited about having these beautiful works of art in my home! You are a genius - thank you for taking these gorgeous pictures! I've got a lot of deciding to do...." K.W. November 2010

"OH MY GOD!!!!! How many ways can I say I LOVE all the pictures!!! Really, I need the wallpaper this time!! Thank you so much for the super HUGE gallery!!!! OK I'm going to email all the fam and friends but I can't tell you how supercalifragilistic you and your camera are!!! XOXO" B.K. October 2010

"Hi Jessie!! I LOVE my cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to tell you that since they arrived. I finally got my stamps and will be sending them out tomorrow. I CANNOT wait to see those prints and hang them on the wall. I am so excited." J.G. October 2010

"In love all over again! I cry every time I watch the slideshow and I am amazed at how much they have grown! I am so blessed and lucky to these special moments captured during their first year! Thanks so much Jessie!" J.R. September 2010

"Thank you so much for the fantastic photos, not only am I over the moon but it brought a tear to my eye in the best possible way, as a result there are a queue of people just waiting for your next trip to Ireland. Looking forward already to your visit next spring!" K.M. June 2009

"Hi Jessie, We have just viewed O and L's photos, they are just fantastic! Each one we see is nicer than the other, I want them all!!" M.C. June 2009

"Hi Jessie, I'm so so grateful that we found you. You are a gem! Have a great 4th of July yourself and enjoy your family. Can't wait to show the kids off. I've already been bragging!! My sister viewed the blog and cried, she was so happy to see what you created! Thanks again! Take care!" B.V. June 2009

"I absolutely loved all of the pictures! The kids loved seeing themselves on the computer - with the music --- you are so talented --- thank you so much!! Thank you so much for filling my home with the wonderful smiles of my beautiful children!!! You are an amazing photographer!!! We will have many more sessions to come!" B.M. July 2009

"Oh Jessie! We are in tears every time we watch it! Beautiful! Love them! Love them all!!" L T. July 2009

"Jessie, What can I say, you have done it again! What beautiful photos. I was crying my eyes out looking at the slide show. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. They are more than we could have ever wished for. You are the best!" A.V. October 2008

"Wow, just stunning! Really can't wait to see some more now! Already forwarding to friends, family with bragging rights ;-) You make her look like that shot should be in a magazine or something, truly incredible! " J.B. November 2008

"Thank you so much for dropping off my order. I have to admit that I absolutely loved everything. I immediately hung up my canvas and it looks absolutely beautiful in the room, as does everything else. Loved the box and the Christmas cards and I have to thank you very much for my gifts. Please know that my ornament will be hanging in the front of my Christmas tree and will be a great keepsake. Again thanks for everything and happy holidays!" I.B. December 2008

"Oh heaven's! Jessie, we absolutely love these they are all so special and unique....I love how you captured each of the kid's personalities......we have been doing so much reflecting with the kids approaching a new school year....this is great therapy!! Once again...we love them! Thank-you!" T.M. August 2008

"The pictures are beautiful and completely my style!! We both appreciate the quality of the pictures and the brightness of the colors. The ones of O look like they are out of a Gap ad!! I have loved looking at the gallery and showing off the pictures at work to many of the nurses and docs. I have passed on your website to every mom I know in West Hartford with "wow"s everytime! The pictures are amazing and you definately captured the spirit of each of the children!" L.M. August 2008

"Thanks so much for the wonderful slideshow. We absolutely love all of the photos. We will be working really hard over the next week to make our selections. Thanks so much, you are so talented!! I know of some friends who will be heading your way after seeing all of the pictures that you took of my girls and viewing your website. I have two friends already addicted and hopefully more to come!!" K.C. August 2008

"Jessica- THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures and your blog are wonderful!!!! I really look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures in a couple of weeks. Thank you again for squeezing us in - hope to meet you next time we are up in CT." J.F. July 2008

"I want to thank you so much for these amazing pictures--you are so gifted at what you do! We love them all. Thank you for capturing such beautiful images, you made it very fun!" T.M. October 2006